Tuesday, February 28, 2006

After a tiring morning lecture session, I decided to catch lunch with a fellow toy collecting friend, Cow.
We headed down to Mad Jack(nearby Serene Centre).
I order a beef burger and some cheese fries.
The burger was kinda dry and the patty was flaky.
"The fries weren't quite tasty", Cow complained to me.
Also, the air-conditioning wasn't really cooling enough & we had to help ourselves to the plain water from a counter.
I don't think we'd be returning to that restaurant anytime soon.

However, lunch wasn't the main itinerary for the day.
It was supposed to be some minor electronic components and toy shopping in the vicinity of Sim Lim.
Then we'd return back to school for work(Cow) and lessons(me).
But it only turned out to be a shopping spree for my friend at Spawn Asia.
I'm luckily I ain't in the workforce yet, cos I'd be having some spare cash to spare and I'd surely be tempted by the cheap toy figurines there.

Cow bought a 12" Spawn figurine and a pair of Corpse Bride figurines($25 and $40/pair respectively).

Due to his excitement in toy shopping, he failed to recall that he had an RT session to attend to later in the evening.
And his huge bag of toys would be an extra burden.
So, as a considerate pal, I decided to offer him my courier service of bringing his toys back to my home for temporary storage(at the expense of skipping my lessons).

As an added incentive, I've decided to do some basic photography of Cow's toys(due to the uncertainty of when he'd be getting his toys back) so that he can view them asap.

All photography are done using a non-intrusive method so as to maintain the toys in their mint condition.
(click on images to enlarge)

Spawn - Issue 119 Interior Art

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride figurines

Victor & Corpse Bride

So near yet so far......


Corpse Bride


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