Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Our First Born

Our darling baby girl couldn't wait to celebrate CNY with us. 

You were born at 35 weeks via C-section. Our gynae made the call to deliver you on Sunday 11 Feb as your heart rate was not very consistent. 

Your given name shall be...... 

Lovelle Pang Jia Xin

DoB: 11 Feb 2018

On 15 Feb (my Birthday), you are out of the ICU and transferred to the HD(high dependancy) ward. I'm so delighted that you are doing well.

I managed to carry Lovelle in my arms for the first time on 18 Feb. 
21 Feb, today is mummy's turn to carry Lovelle for the first time. She took a break from her confinement to go to SGH to visit our darling girl. 
24 Feb, Darling your poop is so smelly, so nurse is preparing you for your bath. 
After bath :) 
3 Mar, Mummy and Daddy came to see you as doc reported that you have a bloated tummy, took blood test and X-ray. Turns out you only have a gassy stomach and all is well. 
12 Mar was the proposed date that doctor said you can be discharged. However,  your 'performance' was not that good that morning during bottle feeding. Hence an open date was set for coming few days to monitor your milk suckling prowess. Your nose feeding tube was removed though. 
14 Mar, mummy and I came in the morning to deliver your milk as usual. The nurse said that you have been feeding well (able to complete 40ml) for the past nights and ask if we are ready to bring you home. We responded with a resounding Yes. 
Mummy carrying you while in the cab on our way home. Hello world. 
Home sweet home :) 

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

My new Shocks

Recently, I cautiously ordered a G-Shock from Qoo10 as it was a good deal ($89).

The GA-400-1B.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Short Lived Lighters

I was in Guangzhou 广州 recently with the missus. I chanced upon some cool oil lighters at a small stall along Beijing Road.
I bought two of them without a second thought.

I was glad I took some photos of them back in the hotel room before I packed them in my check-in luggage the day before departure.
While checking in our luggage at the counter, the CSO asked if we have anything to declare like drugs, live plants, weapons or flammable items.
My dear declared that we have lighters in my luggage. The CSO straight out said that no lighters are allowed on board the plane, check-in or hand carry. Funny though, I read that the TSA of USA even allows one lighter to be carried per passenger. Never knew that China of all countries to be that strict.
I transferred my brand spanking new lighters to my hand carry in hopes of convincing the boarding CSOs that they are harmless as there is no fuel in them.
Sure enough, the guy behind the x-ray machine spotted my 2 lighters and ask for my bag to be opened for inspection. I calmly took them out and explained that there is no fuel in them. The lady inspector says that there is still the flint and wheel which can produce sparks, hence it is not allowed on board.
With a heavy heart, I surrendered my gorgeous collectibles to the authorities.

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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hands-on vid:

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A multitool knife - comes with flat and philips screwdriver and a carabiner cum bottle cap opener.

Hands-on vid:

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

It is an excellent fun tool.

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